Bmore Proud Intersections

The Baltimore Metro LGBTQIA Leadership Summit

Date: February 18

Snow Date: March 31

Location: UMBC

Bmore Proud is a leadership summit that promotes awareness and education of queer issues on college campuses, and among those schools, and in greater Baltimore, Maryland, encourages socializing and networking to cultivate student involvement and leadership in the queer community.

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What Does Bmore Proud Mean?

Keynote Speaker

Mary Washington is a Democratic Delegate in Maryland’s 43rd District. She is one of eight openly LGBT members of the Maryland General Assembly. While in college, Washington was a student organizer and worked to form advocacy groups for black, women, and LGBT students across Pennsylvania. As associate director at Baltimore’s Parks & People Foundation, Washington leads programs to promote green communities, educate children on environmental issues, and create a healthier, safer, sustainable Baltimore.

Sessions & Panels

  • Queer Minorities

    Daniel Pham explores the challenges facing queer minorities.

  • TranArchy

    Alisha Horton studies the role of gender in America.

  • Born This Way?

    Andrew Halls looks at the genetic basis of sexual orientation.

  • More Sessions